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Prima Pavé believes that every occasion is special and our alcohol-free sparkling blends are designed to join you on each turn in this wild journey called life. Created by food and wine lovers, Prima Pavé sparklers brighten whatever is on the menu, inspire a range of recipes, and add pizzazz to many a mocktail or cocktail. Entertainment needs no excuses. Pop Prima Pavé and start the party.

  • Mela Cotogna


    1oz Roasted Quince Purée
    4 oz Prima Pavé Rosé Brut


    To a champagne flute, pour in the quince purée. Add 1 oz of Prima Pave and stir once with a bar spoon to incorporate. Top the glass with the remainder of the Prima Pave Brut Rose.

    2 large Quince, fresh
    1 ea Nutmeg
    3 tbs brown sugar...

  • Belli’no’ Punch

    8 large White Peaches, diced
    1 cup Granulated Sugar
    1 bunch Anise Hyssop (herb), fresh
    1 lime, juiced and zested
    1 lime, sliced in wheels for garnish
    1 bottle Prima Pavé Rosé Brut

    Dice Peaches and chiffonade picked anise hyssop leaves (reserve flowers). In a large punch bowl, mix the diced peaches with sugar and lemon zest. Allow to macerate in the freezer covered for 20 minutes. Remove from the freezer, uncover, and add anise hyssop greens and lime juice. Mix well. Reserve chilled until use. When ready to serve, add 4 cups of ice and 1 bottle of Prima Pavé Rosé Brut and give a light stir. Garnish with sliced lime wheels, and purple anise hyssop flowers. Have a ladle and punch glasses at the ready!
  • From Amalfi with Love

    1.0 oz Pomelo Juice, fresh

    0.5 oz Fennel Juice, fresh
    0.25 oz Honey
    2 pods Green Cardamom, cracked
    3 oz Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs

    Shake pomelo and fennel juice with honey and green cardamom. 2x strain into a chilled rocks glass; no ice. Top with Prima Pave BdB and garnish with fresh fennel fronds and twist of pomelo rind.
  • Elevated Pairing | Roasted Fava Beans

    Roasted Fava Beans with lemon, garlic, olive oil, shaved parmesan & sea salt. Paired with Prima Pavé Rosé Brut, the dish's bright acidity is softened while the hearty vegetal flavors are beautifully contrasted by the sparkle of red currant and raspberry.
  • Temporale di Notte

    1.5 oz Non-Alc Amaro
    0.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice
    0.5 oz Ginger/Honey Syrup
    4.0 oz Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs

    Shake Amar”no”, ginger syrup, and lime juice. 2x
    strain into a Collins glass filled with ice cubes.
    Top with Blanc de Blancs. Garnish with fresh mint,
    ginger-lime geleé on rim, and a straw.


  • Prima-cicle

    1.5 oz Bergamot “Olio”
    0.5 oz Gentian/Vanilla Tisane
    0.25 oz Fresh Orange Juice
    0.25 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
    1 Egg White
    1.5 oz Prima Pave Rosé Dolce

    Shake ingredients (minus Prima Pavé) vigorously in a tin without ice. Add ice and shake. 2x strain into a chilled coupe glass. Top with Rosé Dolce. Garnish by sprinkling a ½ tsp of (dry) Earl Grey tea on the frothy head of the cocktail.

  • Elevated Pairing | Tre Cioccolati Mousse

    Prima Pavé Rosé Dolce with Tre Cioccolati Mousse. Three layers of silky white chocolate, hazelnut and wafers, and dark chocolate are a perfect complement to the jammy strawberry and blood orange notes of our Rosé Dolce.
  • Blue Lavender


    • 2 grams J’enwey Blueberry White Lavender Tea loose leaf tea
    • 1 ounce Monin Lavender Lemon syrup
    • 3 oz Prima Pavé Rosé Brut

    STEP 1: Pour 4 ounces hot brewed J’enwey Blueberry White Lavender Tea cooled to room temperature in lowball glass

    STEP 2: Add 1 ounce Monin Lavender Lemon syrup (2 tablespoons)
    Stir until syrup dissolves

    STEP 3: Add ice

    STEP 4: Top with 2 ounces chilled Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs

    STEP 5: Garnish with rosemary sprig and fresh blueberries skewered on cocktail pick

  • Elevated Pairing | Basil Garlic Pesto Pizza

    A delicious basil garlic pesto pizza, topped with buffalo mozzarella, artichoke hearts, garlic, arugula, lemon, salt & pepper. Beautifully complimented by the zippy green apple notes and creamy, dry finish of our Blanc de Blancs.
  • Hibiscus Berry Sparkler


    • 100 grams J'enwey Tea Co Hibiscus Berry Herbal loose leaf tea
    • 3 oz Prima Pavé Rosé Brut

    STEP 1: Cold brew 100 grams of J'enwey Tea Co Hibiscus Berry Herbal loose leaf tea

    STEP 2: Pour 3 oz of iced tea into coupe glass

    STEP 3: Top with 3 oz of Prima Pavé Rosé Brut

    STEP 4: Garnish with loose tea leaves

  • Pink 75


    • 1 oz Lyre's Pink London Spirit
    • 1/2 oz lemon juice
    • 1/2 oz elderflower syrup
    • 1 dropperful (1 mL) All The Bitter New Orleans
    • 4 oz Prima Pavé Rosé Brut
    • Lemon twist for garnish

    STEP 1: Add pink gin, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, and bitters to a shaker with ice and shake briefly until chilled.

    STEP 2: Strain into a champagne flute

    STEP 3Top with 4 oz Prima Pavé Rosé Brut

    STEP 4: Garnish with lemon twist

  • Yuzu Collins


    • 3/4 oz Monin Yuzu Puree
    • 3 oz Pentire Adrift
    • 2-3 dropperfuls All The Bitter Orange
    • 6 oz Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs
    • Lemon slice

    STEP 1: Add yuzu puree, non-alcoholic botanical or gin, and orange bitters to shaker with three ice cubes and shake well.

    STEP 2: Strain into highball glass

    STEP 3: Top with 6 oz Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs

    STEP 4: Garnish with lemon slice