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Temporale di Notte

1.5 oz Non-Alc Amaro
0.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice
0.5 oz Ginger/Honey Syrup
4.0 oz Prima Pavé Blanc de Blancs

Shake Amar”no”, ginger syrup, and lime juice. 2x
strain into a Collins glass filled with ice cubes.
Top with Blanc de Blancs. Garnish with fresh mint,
ginger-lime geleé on rim, and a straw.

8oz Fresh Ginger Juice
8 oz Water
8 oz Honey
1 pod Star Anise, toasted
1 tsp Saigon Cinnamon, ground
Toast the star anise in a small sauce pot on
medium heat until aromatic. Add sugar, water,
ginger juice, and cinnamon. Bring the syrup to a
simmer then remove from heat. Chill and finely

2 whole limes
4 oz spiced ginger syrup
4 oz fresh lime
1 sheet gelatin

Cut the lines lengthwise, and scoop
out flesh leaving only four hollowed
out lime “cups”. Bring spiced ginger
syrup to a simmer. Bloom gelatin by
steeping in ice water. When gelatin
is soft and pliable, remove from ice
water and ring out excess liquid.
Add gelatin to the heated syrup.
Remove from heat and allow to cool
to room temperature. Add fresh
lime juice. Fill “lime cups” with geleé
mixture and allow to set in.