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Spirit Free Sparklers for the Free Spirited

Prima Pavé is an award-winning line of alcohol-free sparkling wines handcrafted in Italy. With no sugar or chemicals added, Prima Pavé showcases the terroir, character and depth of flavor expressed by hand-selected Italian grapes. Fine wines first and foremost, our sparkling 0.0% alcohol libations are crafted from vineyard to bottle. All Prima Pavé wines are dealcoholized through our proprietary, all-natural process resulting in the best bubbles without the booze.

Produced in Italy

Not the overly sweet, artificial grape juice-esque drinks of old, Prima Pavé was developed by wine experts to be well-balanced and food friendly. Our wines are expertly blended from elegant Italian grape varietals to create an orchestra of flavors. Complex and delicious, we remove 100% of the alcohol using a one-of-a-kind additive free method. No extras, just extraordinary.

Italy’s most awarded non-alcoholic wine

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Awards for all 4 Wine Varieties

Intoxicatingly Alcohol Free Wines

“There is no room for compromise when crafting great wine. Whether with or without alcohol, when a sip is delicious, it activates your palate, elevates good food to great, and honors the ritual of sharing a bottle in concert.”

Dejou Marano, Founder

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