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1.5 oz Bergamot “Olio”
0.5 oz Gentian/Vanilla Tisane
0.25 oz Fresh Orange Juice
0.25 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
1.5 oz Prima Pave Rosé Dolce

Shake ingredients (minus
Prima Pavé) vigorously in a
tin without ice. Add ice and
shake. 2x strain into a chilled
coupe glass. Top with Rosé
Dolce. Garnish by sprinkling
a ½ tsp of (dry) Earl Grey tea
on the frothy head of the

80g fresh Bergamots zest, approximately 6 ea
80g Granulated Sugar
Zest Bergamots into a bowl-like vessel, reserve the rest of
the fruit for juicing. Weigh the zest (approximately 80g) and
add an equal weight of granulated sugar. Mix with a spoon,
rubbing the sugar into the zest. Cover with plastic and allow
to sit at room temperature for at least 1 hour. Uncover and add
the juice of the bergamots that have been zested, mixing well.
Finely strain and reserve for use in the refrigerator.

40g Gentian Root, dried
1 tbs Earl Grey Tea
2 pods Vanilla, fresh
32 oz Water, filtered
Bring water to a simmer in a small sauce pot with gentian root.
Slice open the vanilla pods with a pairing knife and scrape out
the “caviar” with a spoon or small spatula; add to pot along
with the tea. Allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Pull the pot from
the flame and allow it to cool to room temperature. Strain and
chill, reserving for use. The final product should be floral with
a persistent, bitter, finish on the palate.